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  • Clare's Christmas Wish

    eBook ISBN#

    Christmas is the time of giving. Two girls go on separate paths, learn how Christmas is the season of giving, and yet they find out they receive far more in return. Suggested age range for readers: 1 to 12

    Clare's Christmas Wish is a picture book published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

    Clare's Christmas Wish is written by Children's Book Author, Tracey M. Cox . Tracey lives in South GA with her husband, three children, and pupper-dogs. She has been writing professionally since 2000. Clare's Christmas Wish is her 8th published picture book.

    Clare's Christmas Wish is illustrated by Eugene Ruble. Eugene has 40 years of art encompasses, graphic art and design, freelance illustration, and cartooning under his belt. He is also a 30-year Distinguished Member of the St. Louis Artists' Guild.

    You can purchase CLARE'S CHRISTMAS WISH directly from Guardian Angel Publishing, or from these other venues Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.